"Time for some character. Marmarino is an extremely  versatile polished finish useful for individualising your home".



Based on a lime-based natural mineral binder, for outdoor and indoor finishes similar to the plasters found on older Roman buildings, with shaded color effects that vary depending on how the marmorinos is applied.

Its Many Uses 

Easily the most versatile of our finishes this lime- based finish can be tweaked to create a whole range of finishes, some smooth some very course and distressed. 

This is an internal/external product. It is a beautiful, polished, coloured alternative to texture coat!

Please contact us here to dicuss the finish you require. We often work to the clients specs. 

marm smooth.jpg
marm mid .jpg

Colour Range 

You can select any colour from the Wattyl Colour Range for your walls. Click below to get started.