Sky High Renders have just finished work on the most passive home in Australia. That's great, but what the hell does passive mean???

Passive refers to a homes natural control of temperature and external forces. Lee and Sonya, the humble owners of this magnificent home, now have a home that sits at a steady 21degrees all year round. And believe me,  it does not come easily. 

Here is a list of what they have done to achieve their Eco masterpiece.

Sealed and pressure tested the home. It is the most air tight home in Australia. The European standard rating is 2-3. Australian homes average out at 20. This home came in at 0.4. Amazing. 

This means that warm or cold air cannot make it into the home and the resulting effect is a cool, consistent home. 

Heavily insulated walls and ceilings . Rock wool insulation. 

Double pane glass from Germany. 

Low VOC walls from us! That means there are far less chemicals in the walls and the is healthier. In the case of the Tadelakt bathrooms there are no chemicals and the walls actually absorb co2.  

Water tanks, grey water reuse to a vegetable garden, solar panels. 

North facing.

Single room extrusion. This means that there is a bare minimum of west and east facing walls which absorb direct heat, hence a cooler home. 

LED lights from Italy throughout. 

The home is partially built underground to naturally insulate it. 

The list goes on. The home has been rated at 9.6 stars and is rising. Below are some great images of the project. It was a very enjoyable experience to be part of.  

As a final touch, the home is designed to look like a leaf laying on the ground. As an architecture student, I love this. This home strikes a perfect balance between aesthetic and consideration of the topography it sits within. 





super insulated and air tight curved ceilings. 


the family banding together to get it done! 


the master bedroom and ensuite are designed around the view and natural light. 


door frames are replaced with hinges doors straight to our polished walls. 


even the neighbours are interested. 



partial underground build. 



this is the backyard. beautiful.