Matt is a solid wall plasterer turned Architecture student and has 15 years in the game. His background saw a lot of hard wall plaster, cement glassface and other polished plasters. Matt's enthusiasm lies in design and he feels that polished plaster, in general, needs a total over haul. 

" This industry is born from an ageing population. A lot of the polished plasters come from Italy and a lot of the applicators are just that, old Europeans. I too am Italian so i totally understand it, haha.  These guys are guns dont get me wrong, but the time has come for a company with some real understanding of design to present these finishes in a modern format. I like to think we could, one day, be the leaders in that". 

Matt and Chris have been friends for a long time and share a passion for creating new finishes. 

"Thats what we do when we catch up. We lay out a whole bench full of sample boards and literally create new finishes. A lot of them haven't made it into our range for good purpose. We did want to confuse the customer with too many options. But they are there, and that is the exciting part. We always have a new thing to look forward too. Gone are the days of regular rendering for money. This isnt about that. Its about doing what we love, its about creating something that leaves a mark on peoples lives, and I think that has longevity".